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Our Response to COVID-19

A message from Owner and Head Coach, Raymond Irizarry IV


Body Routers Fitness is committed to the safety of our members, staff, and those in our community.  

We believe that exercise is integral to staying healthy.  Throughout this pandemic, we have quickly adopted new ways to bring you training programs throughout to keep your body, your mind--- and your life moving you, safely and responsibly.  We keep up-to-day with the safety guidelines of our city and state and have implemented elevated protocols to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  


•       Social Distancing through limited class size.

•       Facemask Requirements for members and staff.

•       Vigorous Hygiene Practices & Sanitation Protocols

•       Highly Conscientious Coaching.


We understand the strain this pandemic has placed on our members, that’s why we pivoted at the on-set on the pandemic and Shelter in Place orders throughout the country by offering FREE virtual classes.  Body Routers was heavily impacted.  This pandemic forced the delay of our grand opening—and the resulting financial burden.    But nothing could have prepared me for the personal toll of this pandemic.  I lost my grandfather to COVID-19 on July 4th.  This has not been an easy road, but our success is upon us.  Together WE WILL rise above this pandemic and be stronger than before.   


Body Routers exists to be YOUR gym.  We are a community of people that thrive on living a healthy and active lifestyle—and to do good.  Body Routers gym provides cross-functional training, strength and conditioning, mobility enhancement methods to group, individual, and private classes in a safe and sanitary environment.  You have my commitment.  


That’s why ensuring our safety measures are followed is critical to our day to day operations.  

I am  committed to bringing you the best of Body Routers Fitness.  After monitoring industry and various federal and state guidelines, we have developed steps for our facility and its members:   These guidelines are outlined below.


Gym Protocol

  • All safety guidelines will be made available upon entrance and throughout the gym.  This includes requiring face masks, proper methods of preventing the spread of COVID-19, practicing social distancing, touch-free soap and towel dispensers, and sanitizing stations at key points throughout the gym.  

  • We will monitor the facility throughout the day to ensure protocols are being followed.



  • Staff will:

    • Understand quarantine behaviors.

    • Be required to wear masks at all times. 

    • Know facility capacity restrictions and how to monitor. 

    • Communicate stay-at-home or go-home policy for anyone exhibiting symptoms and a reporting process for confirmed and/or potential COVID-19 contraction will be implemented.



Social Distancing

  • Strict adherence to CDC distancing guidelines, maintaining 6 feet of distance in all gym activities and equipment:  

    • Gym capacity limited to a certain number of people.

    • No contact training.

    • Social distancing signage and floor markers.


Enhanced Cleaning & Sanitation Protocols

  • Appropriate cleaning products and hand sanitizers available throughout facility, and:

    • Require hand washing before and after workout.

    • Increase disinfectant stations with hand sanitizer available in lobby and throughout the facility whenever provisions are available; and

    • Pre-use and post-use wipe down protocol on all equipment.

  • Detailed in-depth and frequent cleaning checklist:

    • Full facility will be cleaned thoroughly with medical-grade product, including equipment and all surfaces.  

    • Bathrooms cleaned with medical-grade product.  

  • Water fountains for refilling water bottles only.



These measures will ensure we do our part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.  As a member our Body Routers Fitness, you are integral to adhering to the above for the sake and safety of all our members.    


I will continue to monitor guidelines and apply industry standards to ensure we remain open and provide a safe environment for you to make your life move you. 




Raymond Irizarry IV

Owner & Head Coach

Body Routers, LLC

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