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Warrior training

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Vision of Warrior Training

BODY ROUTERS is focused on providing the highest level online programming, with an easy to understand, skillful program. The ability to build stronger, faster, more technically aware, athletes.

Purpose of Warrior Training

This program aims to teach and ingrain technically sound movements through consistent practice of proper movement patterns.

This program uses Hiit (high intensity interval training) to guide individuals through different fitness modalities: Olympic lifting and other weight lifting movements, body weight exercises, and cardio implementations.

Body Routers has a strategic approach to building well-rounded athletes by adopting the notion that to maintain proper technique, there must be an awareness of one’s body in space, then learn how to use the body with purpose to accomplish each movement.  Adopting an intentional and deliberate approach is key.

We will hone in on needed skills, while also developing increased mobility, flexibility, as we encourage our mind and body to push past limits to achieve notable and consistent results

$50 per month

Includes daily workout routine.

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