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General, daily overall body development plan

This general workout routine focuses on building overall strength and muscle toning.

There are many uses for this type of strength program:

  • Building symmetry and strength throughout the upper and lower body.

  • Create aesthetic and fine toned muscles.

This can also be used as an accessory workout plan to your existing routine.

$50 per month

Includes daily workout routine.


Daily focus on building a strong trunk and legs

The Legs, Abs & More Program places emphasis on developing strong and well-defined legs and trunk muscles, while also building an overall toned physique.    Engaging and developing a strong trunk and lower body will increase overall strength making it easier to do most physical activities and significantly helps to maintain good posture.   


Addressing and strengthening these areas are critical for athletes and important for all individuals to promote overall good well-being, as weak core muscles lead to more fatigue, injuries, back pain and muscle injuries.  Key here is engaging specific muscles and teaching proper  technique to enhance mobility, conditioning, and strength.  

$50 per month

Includes daily workout routine.



Daily fitness program with minimal equipment needed

The At-Home Fitness program allows for people to workout with minimal, or no equipment, needed. This daily program focuses on body weight and cardio movements to challenge even the most avid athlete and exerciser. Creating an opportunity for fitness, in any environment or circumstance, is why this program has become so popular and widely followed.

This At-Home Fitness program can be used as your main "no equipment needed" workout plan, travel/on the road workout option, or your accessory/body weight daily challenge.

$30 per month

Includes daily workout routine.

Warrior Training


General, daily Warrior Training workout plan

The Warrior Training program consists of varied daily workouts, functional 

movements, performed at high intensity relative to each individual  ​The functional movements, and their higher skilled progressions, stem from these areas of fitness:

  • Body Weight movements

  • Weightlifting

  • Cardio/Metabolic conditioning

This program aims to teach and ingrain technically sound movements through consistent practice of proper movement patterns.

Body Routers has a strategic approach to building well-rounded athletes by adopting the notion that to maintain proper technique, there must to be an awareness of one’s body in space, then learn how to purposefully use the body to accomplish each movement.  Adopting an intentional and deliberate approach is key.


We will hone in on needed skills, while also developing increased mobility, flexibility, as we encourage our mind and body to push past limits to achieve notable and consistent results

$50 per month

Includes daily workout routine.



Workout plan customized to reach your specific fitness goals

Two components are required to kick-starting this program: 

  1. FREE Initial phone consultation designed to identify and desired workout and discuss life goals.

  2. FREE At-home body assessment to further establish appropriate, individualized Plan and approach.  

This path also includes "tune-ups" in the form of scheduled weekly conversations to ensure the program path is being followed, course correct to achieve goals.  

Personal Training Plans are offered as followed:

  • 8 workout days/month

  • 16 workout days/month

  • 24 workout days/month


Contact Coach Ray for specific pricing to customize your Personal Training plan.  

Goal Setting


Opportunity to set short-term and long-term goals

Goal setting is critical to success; it keeps us focused on our ftiness and life priorities.  Consultations are designed around productive and purposeful conversations regarding exercise, meal planning and more.  This is also an opportunity to discuss strengths and areas of focus, designed to enhance the goal setting process.


Receive a FREE 30min. initial Goal Setting Consultation to introduce and understand direction and goals.

$15 per session

50 minute conversation


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