Karina Arredondo

Let's meet her....

Karina comes from a background of dance and athletics.

She began taking exercise and fitness serious in 2009 when CrossFit began to make its way on the East Coast and into Miami.

She has competed in many CrossFit competitions, which involved much commitment in fitness and nutrition.

As of late, her focus on her future and life has taken priority over the competition floor.

As most, her body's health also takes a back seat to these responsibilities.

This is why Karina started the Body Routers' Legs, Abs & More fitness program in October 2019. Focusing on prioritizing her nutrition and time management, she has been able to refocused her training to improve upon in her strength, physique, and body composition.

She has lost 15lbs since starting in October 2019, and is remaining just as strong as before!

Updates coming soon...

Bonnie Billing

Let's meet her....

Bonnie started with athletics at a very young age, and into high school with cheerleading and dance. After high school, Bonnie remained very active. Eventually, her weight had spiraled out of control and she was at risk for diabetes and other complications.


The picture shown (to the right) of Bonnie in early 2012 at a family outing, really hit her hard. She knew a change needed to happen.

She made her decision and joined her local CrossFit gym in late 2012. Becoming fully committed to her decision, Bonnie lost a considerable amount of weight and was ready to pursue new goals.

Bonnie began following Body Routers Fitness in May 2018. First, as a personal client of Coach Ray's, and then becoming a fully online member in June 2019.

One of her goals was to run and complete a full marathon. With that in mind, the personalized training regimen she followed was reprogrammed to focus on that goal. 

After many 5k, 10k, and many Half Marathons, training has culminated to her scheduled Marathon run in January2020.

Bonnie has lost 80lbs since starting her fitness journey in 2012.

Since beginning her training with Coach Ray and the Body Routers method, she has lost 30lbs in weight and has smashed all her previous Personal Running Records.

....Since COMPLETING her Disney Full Marathon, Bonnie has continued to keep her health and fitness as a priority.