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private training

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both options are available:

- virtual/online REMOTE

Vision of Private Training

The BODY ROUTERS vision for Private Training is to give clients/athletes the most personalized, 

comprehensive, and technical workout program. The goal is to do all this while keeping the focus on the client's established goals and purpose.

Purpose of Private Training

BODY ROUTERS Private Training route is built to create an opportunity for anyone that is in search for specific direction or looking to take their current training to the next level. Private training allows for that personal connection between coach and client/athlete to give way for intention and growth.

Get started with Private Training

When beginning the Private Training program offered by BODY ROUTERS, 2 things will need to be done before the actual program begins.

First, you will be receiving a FREE, over-the-phone or in-person, initial consultation that will cover all goals, needs, limitations, and any information the Coach may need.

Second, you will be receiving the FREE in-gym BR4FIT Assessment, a body and fitness assessment performed by the lead Coach, or can be self-administered, at home. This will give the Coach a better understanding of your body's mobility and flexibility, strength capabilities, and metabolic conditioning/cardio.

BODY ROUTERS Personal Training is split into 3 tiers; explained as "workout days per month".

These are the different options available to all interested:

- 6 workout days/month

- 12 workout days/month

- 16 workout days/month

- If there is a need for more days, contact the gym and speak

to a Coach

Contact Body Routers for specific pricing on desired Private Training plans.

Your specific plan will be created based on the initial consultation AND BR4FIT Assessment.

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