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Goal Setting

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We find that making goals gives us purpose and gives us the motivation to keep moving. This is why the Body Routers' motto is "Make Your Life Move You".

Vision of Goal Setting

The BODY ROUTERS vision for Goal Setting is to find purpose and direction. Setting goals, large and small, is the key to move forward in life and in the gym.

Purpose of Goal Setting

Finding the correct equation to obtain these goals through conversation, trial and error, course correction, brainstorming efforts, and asking the question of "Why? What is the purpose?". THIS is the reason for having this option available to clients of BODY ROUTERS.

Get started with Setting your Goals

Two ways : ​

  1. Sign up for a FREE 30min initial consultation. This will allow you and Coach Ray to get to know each other and build rapport and trust. 

  2. Sign up for any personal training option will give you access to 1 FREE "tune-up" conversation every month.

Give your life more purpose in your life. Find a reason to move. Though those reasons may change throughout the course of your life, the drive and determination will create the fire that makes a life worth living.

$15 per session

50 minute conversation

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